New forums feature

Big news everyone!

We now have forums on
Link to forums:

With this new feature on the website I’m looking for a some people to help keep it safe and welcoming

  • So please if you are interested please apply for forum staff here
  • There is no set time for when I’m going to look over the applications so in the meantime please get used to the forum an join in some discussions


thx for the forum backend stuff
Contact me with and questions concerns and feedback
~ Thanks #ļøāƒ£ScrapBloxGang4Life

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Blog maintenance over | Lets talk changes now

Some of you may have read the header and seen a lot of blog changes recently so I’m gonna be reviewing them all!

  1. One of the biggest changes was the blog theme | Blog is a lot better of mobile devices
  2. Another big change is the commenting system | We’re using disqus for all commenting needs | Guest are aloud to comment as well
  3. A lot of stuff on the admin dashboard has also changed

WARNING with this new commenting system we got new comment policy which I advise everyone to checkout here

With this new commenting system all over I may open comment moderator applications <= If I do open them I'll make an announcement either on the blog or in the comment section located ==>

Yes, There may still be some minor changes after this point but the big changes are over
If there are any questions / concerns / feedback on these changes please reach out

That’s all for now thanks for tuning in!

New content schedule

Here is my content schedule for twitch & youtube now!

Sunday - Optional
Monday - Optional
Tuesday - Optional
Wednesday - Twitch Live aim for 6-7pm est
Thursday - Maybe a vid if I have one made
Friday - YoutubeLive aim for 6-7pm est
Saturday - Optional
This was first announced in my discord server ScrapBlox Gang

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Robloxian payday now has badges

As some of you may know I have this roblox game callled “Robloxian payday” it’s my take on the classic board game “Payday” I made because I could not find other replicas of it anyway I’m proud to announce it now has badges!

Imgs are in game & game page displays

Got a badge suggestion? Comment it or contact me

~ ScrapBlox (Alec)
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~~ Dev of robloxian payday
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Streams will resume again! & Blog Changes

As some of you may know or have noticed is I haven’t been live or made youtube videos as much but I’m gonna try and become more active on Youtube. I’m doing this as I want more activity on youtube rather than twitch

NOTE: This does not mean I’m leaving twitch I’m just gonna be more active on youtube rather than twitch like I was

Blog Changes/Updates

The blog comes with new features!
BlogAdmin Account
So I can now have mods / admins for the blog (Please don’t ask to be a Blog mod / admin)
And a read more feature so longer post get split up and frees up some home page space


Thanks for tuning in
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